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Welcome to the Kettlebell Workout Resource Center. Kettlebell Worlds fitness guide to everything Kettlebell Training, Functional Fitness and more!

Fitness coach performing a Turkish Getup kettlebell workout


Kettlebell Turkish Getup

The Kettlebell has come a long way over the last 15 years.  From total obscurity, to now and having major retail outlets stocking them on their shelves. 

Where they now sell alongside household goods, and every fitness magazine lords over kettlebells effectiveness and benefits.

The terms Kettlebell Workout or Kettlebell Training are now part of everyday life, and they have become one of the most essential training tools for every gym in the world. As well as becoming the ideal ‘home fitness exercise equipment’, for stay at home individuals.

The Kettlebell has also been adopted by elite sportsmen & women into their main strength & conditioning programmes. Serving as a indispensable training aid to increase performance.

Simply put then, nearly everybody knows what a Kettlebell is. From the hardest of hardcore training enthusiasts, to the laziest of couch potatoes.

But one thing that not everybody know’s. Is how to use them  properly.

Learn the Essential Skills with the Kettlebell Workout Resource Center

A Kettlebell Workout and Kettlebell Swing performed by blonde woman

The Kettlebell Workout Resource Center, will help you prepare and perform the most basic, to more advanced kettlebell moves.

With FREE exercise plans and fitness training tips to optimize your performance, and enable you to achieve maximum results effectively and safely.

Plus, weekly workout routines for the beginner and experienced trainer, to help you progress and keep focussed in your kettlebell workouts.

The Benefits of Using Kettlebells

Its a physiological fact, that regular use of Kettlebells is one of the best ways to lose weight, achieve permanent fat loss and increase muscle and fitness. By constantly challenging all parts of the body through it diverse array of functional movements. 

This ultimately produces unparalleled and exceptional results for  :


So if your goal is to attain any, or all of the above then read on !!!

Kettlebell Instructor about to perform a Double Arm Row Kettlebell Workout
Fitness Coach executing a Double Row kettlebell workout in the Finish Position

How the Kettlebell Workout Resource Center will help you excel, and Achieve All-Round Fitness and Well Being

Mastering the proper Kettlebell techniques, and including their protocols into your workout routines. Has a tremendous crossover effect  into many other activities and occupations.

Where knowing how to execute essential body mechanics, and movement patterns of even the most Basic Kettlebell Exercises. Will assist you to move and perform with fluidity and ease.

Positive benefits, that not also extend into  sports and fitness. But everyday activities such as gardening, occupational lifting and carrying, fire fighting and nursing etc.

All of these activities depend on having a better understanding of the importance of weight distribution, balance, muscular tension  / relaxation / and irradiation techniques.  Which all form an integral part of  KB training.

By applying these skills, you will develop postural equilibrium throughout the whole body. And attain far more strength, less injuries, and a higher than normal fitness level.

Using kettlebells combines many of the above elements simultaneously, and  plays a huge role in combating niggling muscular imbalances, that can occur when simple techniques and drills are neglected. Creating serious physiological problems.

These problems not only effect you from a training perspective, but can eventually lead to major kinesiological defects in the hips and shoulders. Which can adversely effect everyday activities.

From a training perspective, many of these problems can originate  when performing  barbells and dumbbells with bad form. Where imbalances often occur during intense phases of particular exercises.

The natural movement patterns and dynamics usually become distorted, and lead to weak links being formed in the bodies kinetic chain. Mainly due to the contemptuous disregard for other muscle groups which should be activated, when lifting a heavy inanimate and static object like a barbell or similar.

The classic Barbell Bicep Curl is a prime example

How many times do you see people lean to one side, and rather swing the weight up instead of lifting it ? When the weight is obviously too heavy, or fatique has set in.

If you only do this a handful of times, and you might get away with it. But do it on a regular basis over a period of weeks, months, and years, and the rot really sets in.

More often than not, permanently.

Because of the Kettlebells unique ergonimical design, and because of its ballistic movement. Its not just a case of picking it up and treating it as just another weight. 

From the moment you lift it, there is movement within movement, and your body both physically and mentally needs to instantaneously adapt  to the imposed demands (SAID PRINCIPLE) put upon it.  Because You Have To !

Make sure you visit the Preparation and Activation sections first, to implement the important kettlebell drills and conditioning protocols to help totally eradicate these problems.

Therefore, understanding kettlebell dynamics becomes far more enlightening, and a less painful experience right from the very start !


You’ve got Nothing to Lose, and everything to Gain. Using the Kettlebell Workout Resource Center

So feel  free to access and use the Kettlebell Workout Resource to build  a complete fitness regime, and master the kettlebell. One of the most effective, if not THE most effective training tools in the world, to develop incredible results for :


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