Why Kettlebell Training Holds all the Ace’s

Kettlebell training ticks all the right boxes if you want to achieve across the board physical fitness and shape. As they have major advantages over conventional weights and resistance training, when it comes down to gaining desired results.


By conventional weights, I mean one dimensional machines,and similar barbell’s and dumbbells. 

These are generic exercises and accompanying programmes. That  tend to limit the bodies natural responses to everyday movement patterns in work and sports activities. (SEE FOOTNOTE)

The kettlebells however, are far more versatile. Allowing for a greater range of motion and an unlimited variety of combinations.

The versatility and benefits they offer lead to dramatic increases in functionality, both physically and mechanically. And help in developing an enhanced mental clarity.

Kettlebells, and the Importance of Functionality

Mastering the proper Kettlebell techniques, and including their protocols into your workout routines. Has a tremendous crossover effect  into many other activities and occupations.

Where knowing how to execute essential body mechanics, and movement patterns of even the most Basic Kettlebell Exercises. Will assist you to move and perform with fluidity and ease.

Positive benefits, that not also extend into  sports and fitness. But everyday activities such as gardening, occupational lifting and carrying, fire fighting and nursing etc.

All of these activities depend on having a better understanding of the importance of weight distribution, balance, muscular tension  / relaxation / and irradiation techniques.  Which all form an integral part of  Kettlebell Training.

By applying these skills, you will develop postural equilibrium throughout the whole body. And attain far more strength, less injuries, and a higher than normal fitness level.

Using kettlebells combines many of the above elements simultaneously, and  plays a huge role in combating niggling muscular imbalances. That can occur when simple techniques and drills are neglected. Creating serious physiological problems.

These problems not only effect you from a training perspective, but can eventually lead to major kinesiological defects in the hips and shoulders. Which can adversely effect everyday activities.


From a training perspective, many of these problems can originate  when performing  barbells and dumbbells with bad form. Where imbalances often occur during intense phases of particular exercises.

The natural movement patterns and dynamics usually become distorted, and lead to weak links being formed in the bodies kinetic chain. Mainly due to the contemptuous disregard for other muscle groups which should be activated, when lifting a heavy inanimate and static object like a barbell or similar.

The classic Barbell Bicep Curl is a prime example

How many times do you see people lean to one side, and rather swing the weight up instead of lifting it ? When the weight is obviously too heavy, or fatique has set in.

If you only do this a handful of times, and you might get away with it. But do it on a regular basis over a period of weeks, months, and years, and the rot really sets in.

More often than not, permanently.

Because of the Kettlebells unique ergonimical design, and because of its ballistic movement. Its not just a case of picking it up and treating it as just another weight. 

From the moment you lift it, there is movement within movement. And your body both physically and mentally needs to instantaneously adapt  to the imposed demands (SAID PRINCIPLE) put upon it.

 Because You Have To !


Please make sure you visit the Preparation and Activation sections first. To implement the important Kettlebell drills and conditioning protocols, to help totally eradicate and prevent these problems.

That way, you will understand Kettlebell dynamics right from the very start. And therefore become a far more enlightening experience, and a lot less painful.

Kettlebell Training & Its Physiological Benefits

For instance, Kettlebells are the only free weight that you can actually hold open hand. Permitting you to relax more freely when performing intense and technically demanding movements.

It is ballistic in nature and has a displaced centre of gravity, that creates instability when performing the simplest of  Kettlebell training exercise’s (especially with heavier Kettlebell weights).

This displacement forces the whole body to engage, and work much harder.Therefore creating additional inertia and centrifugal forces,  generated by the incredible pulling motion of the kettlebells mass.  This activates and recruits otherwise, dormant stabilizer muscles that do what they say on the tin. STABILISE.

Stabilizer muscles protect the primary muscle groups (agonists & antagonists )  active in any given ballistic exercise. This muscle activation, only happens minimally in normal weight training.

Because of its spherical shape, it is also trainer friendly, and easier to manoeuvre in all planes of motion. These moves can then be adapted to many anatomical movement patterns, and play a vital role in sports specific training and rehabilitation programmes.

Performing Kettlebell training, tests you to the limit every second of every workout. And the more muscles you recruit, the greater the results in your exercise routines.

In fact, official studies have concluded that intense kettlebell exercises on average, can burn an incredible  20 calories per minute !!

Therefore Kettlebell training / Kettlebell exercise is a No Brainer to burn fat !

10 Good Reasons to Adopt Kettlebell Training

In a nutshell, Kettlebells offer the following features and benefits over generic weight lifting.


    No other piece of fitness equipment has the ability to create a more enjoyable training environment than the Kettlebell.

    Giving you the versatility to juggle, throw, let go and catch.


    With the Kettlebell, you are only limited by your imagination.

    There are literally thousands of  drills and combinations you can apply to your training programme. Using  single and double Kettlebell exercises.


    Knowing when to tense and relax during very intense Kettlebell exercises, is essential for timing and speed at a higher level. For sustained fluency of movement. and to enforce form and technique, to protect the body.


    By having the centre of gravity a few inches below the palm of your hand when holding a Kettlebell, you automatically create movement. This increases the difficulty of the Kettlebell training exercises or drills, by awakening and activating the bodies vital sensors and receptors.


    As you begin to lift heavier, the thickness of the handles exponentially increases also. And therefore enhances your grip strength.


    During  training the body can be prone to all types of injuries when changing direction, or by moving to quickly unprepared.

    Kettlebell Training conditions the body to eccentrically decelerate and absorb enormous pressures put upon it during such movements.

    For instance, you simutaneously contract the Glutes, Hamstrings and co-contract all the muscles of the core. When you execute the downward phase of the Kettlebell swing.


    Kettlebell training involves extensive use of the hip, and plays an important role in nearly every biomechanical movement of the body.  It is the primary function in the execution of all kettlebell exercises.

    Having powerful hips is one of the major components of fitness and  performance. That can determine the difference between success and failure in sport and competition. Kettlebells are by far the most effective instrument to address any weaknesses in this area.


    Because of the discipline and focus in controlling the random weight distribution in multiple planes. You develop an unparalleled awareness and mental toughness.


    Another important aspect of working out with Kettlebells, is that they can help sensitize the Central Nervous System (CNS). Which, if you are involved in a particular contact sport, can have an amazing effect on your performance.

    Due to its unique and smooth design, the Kettlebell can be used to ballistically redirect or absorb energy and velocity propelled with force. And can dramatically help reduce injuries in very physical sports such as rugby, martial arts, soccer …etc.

    This type of training also assists in you becoming far more alert by entering the so called state known as THE ZONE‘   An almost spiritual sensation, where you are able to perform effortlessly, when under intense phases of exercise or competition.


    You could call Kettlebells  quality cheap fitness equipment. Due to the fact that there are so many manufacturers these days, and all offering very competitive prices.

    For instance 6kg to 12kg Kettlebells will cost in the region of     for either iron or vinyl versions

    You can of course buy high end, and spend up to               .

    But by and large whether you go cheap or expensive, they deliver the same awesome results ! And are an amazing investment for something that will last for years and years.

    Of course you hardly need any space to perform the workouts or exercises, and the same goes for storing them.  Making them the perfect fitness at home equipment.

 With Kettlebell Training,


You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It !!


As a Footnote, dumbbells and barbells will always have their place in the fitness industry. And they function as a great starting point with regards to learning basic weight training principles, techniques and exercises.

They are excellent tools to build muscle, and play an important role in the development of strength and conditioning as a whole.