KettlebellWorld is run by Roy Chatterton. A Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor for 20 years, who resides in Borehamwood Hertfordshire.


I have spent nearly all of my life in sports and fitness. Playing and competing in soccer, martial arts and athletics on a casual basis.  

But it was’nt until 2002, that I decided to do what I enjoyed doing. And  become a Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach, after spending many years working in many different industries. Which ranged from aircraft, hotel & catering, reproduction furniture, photocopiers and sports promotion. To name but a few !

Since then, I have worked for 6 Major Health & Fitness Gyms. As well as operating as a freelance Personal Trainer running Workshops and Bootcamps.


As I mentioned above, I have been very active in multiple sports. Though in my early years, I lacked focus, in view of  dedicating myself to the cause.

However, a pivotal moment for me came in early 1982. That led me on the path of discovering the importance of applying the right attitude and application from the start.

This is when I joined Haringey Athletic Club

And where for next 9 years, I trained and competed in Sprinting and Pole Vault.

All through the 1980’s, Haringey AC was regarded as the most successful club in the UK / Europe.

Producing and attracting a succession of talented athletes, who competed regularly in the Olympics and World Championships etc.

It was an amazing place and vibe to be part of. Where everyone fed off, and constantly enforced or motivated each other. To give that little bit extra.




Interview With Ron Pickering, President of Haringey AC (1987)


(Surprisingly theres a clip at 20:41 of me preparing to Pole Vault on the left)

Before I joined Haringey though, I had a lot of natural ability in soccer.  But I had a lazy attitude and was indisciplined. 

Yet that all changed overnight. The moment I found myself in the company of a group of very  gifted club sprinters. And from that moment onwards, I went into overdrive in a quest to keep up with them during training.

A lot of the time, I did’nt always have the upper hand on the track. Because of the talent I was up against. But it most definetley helped me to develop an extremely strong mindset, in pushing myself harder in all areas.

This resulted in me achieving an above average strength and fitness. And getting into incredible shape !

Where am I going with this ?


The moral of my story is :

That once you have crossed the point of no return or gone beyond your comfort zone. There is no turning back.

And you plant and programme such deep and powerful seeds mentally, that you find it difficult to contemplate working at your original threshold. Forging an indomitable spirit, attitude and application from the start.

This is an essential and integral prerequisite in achieving your fitness goals. And knowing Instinctively what it takes to get where you want. 


A mindset that can dramatically  and quickly, materialise within a very short period of time. If the desire is there. And especially when you have the right people, and the right environment behind you. Like I had at Haringey AC.

So whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, fat loss, general fitness or want to excel at a higher level in your chosen sport.

KettlebellWorld will help you get there !


  • Fitness Trainer Award
  • First Aid
  • Optimum and Sports Nutrition
  • Circuits
  • Body Massage
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Career and Personal Development
  • REPS Advanced Level 3
  • Qualified Russian Kettlebell Instructor  ( RKC0181 )
    June 2003 – 2005
  • Qualified REPS Certified Extreme Kettlebell Certificate
    ( EKI0036 ) 2006
  • Advanced REPS Certified Extreme Kettlebell Certificate
    ( AEKI0025 ) 2007
  • Total Gym Gravity Foundation Certificate 
    December 2011
  • Animal Flow Level 1 Certified Instructor 
    October 2016
  • NSPA  Certified Speed & Agility Coach 
    (APRIL 2017)
  • NSPA  Certified Programme Design Specialist 
    (SEPTEMBER 2017)
  • Red Belt Tae Kwon Do ( WTF ) Martial Arts
  • Basic First Aid for Appointed Person     (23/11/2021  to  23/11/2024 )



Back in early 2002 I decided to become a Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer

I also decided that I needed to find something that was very different. But yet highly effective in accelerating lean muscle growth, strength and general fitness levels.

A great place to start was a bookshop I used to frequent in Charing Cross Road, London, called SportsPages. Which unfortunately closed, due to the advent of the internet.

At the time,they specialised in sourcing, stocking and selling nearly every conceivable sports and fitness book in the world.

And if they did’nt  have it, they would get it.

Needless to say, because the books were obtained mostly from abroad, and included a lot of eastern european fitness methodologies and blueprints, they were not cheap.

But while browsing through their extensive collection one day, I came across one particular book written by a fitness trainer by the name of Pavel Tsatsouline.

Pavel was from the former Soviet Union, and a former trainer to the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) and was now based in the US.

The book contained some excellent ideas and information. Ideas that were very different  from a lot of the training methods I was used to seeing.

However, I decided not to buy it, but made a note of his name. And when I got home, googled it into my desktop computer.

The Internet in 2002 was very young back then, and so fitness websites were few and far between.

But I discovered his name was linked to an online publishing house called Dragon Door of whom he was a partner in. They had just started running 1 week courses for Kettlebell Certifications, or what is known as the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in the USA .


*An RKC. Is still the most prestigeous Kettlebell Certification, you can attain in the world*

*An RKC, is still the most prestigeous Kettlebell Certification. You can attain in the world*

At that time the word Kettlebell was totally alien to me, and even more so to anyone else you spoke to.

But after doing some research on the benefits of using them. I decided to book up for Dragon Door’s June 2003 RKC in Minneapolis. And spent  a week being taught by some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the USA.  

Who, together with Pavel, would  eventually become the major guru’s of the whole Kettlebell Revolution.

Dragon Doors 2003 RKC Certification Workshop .

St Paul, Minneapollis


Myself and another trainer Lee Hadden were the only 2 Brits among 50 other attendees.

The majority had travelled from all over the USA, and the group comprised of people from all walks of life and activities. Participients that included power lifters, martial artists, fitness enthusiasts, stay at home moms, businesmen and women etc etc.

Before then, only 2 other Brits had attended and achieved an RKC. In the small number of previous certifications Dragondoor had held.

On returning to the UK. I then discovered that there was a company based in the UK, who were also running Kettlebell Certifications.  Who themselves, only had 4 other trainers certified to teach Kettlebells.

Therefore I found myself in a very small club of just 8 First Generation trainers and Instructors, officially qualified to teach Kettlebells in the UK for the first time !

I purchased 4 Kettlebells from the states,and began to train out of Holmes Place Health Club Borehamwood. Introducing members and staff  to their unique health and fitness benefits

Although a new concept to a lot of people. They had in fact originated 100’s / 1000’s of years ago, but were now on the verge of a major renaissance. As word began to spread throughout the other branches.

In 2005. Kettlebells appeared on a programme called the Biggest Loser’  which catapulted them into the mainstream.

A year later Virgin Active bought out Holmes Place, and added Kettlebell’s to the class format in all their clubs. From then on, interest in Kettlebell Training began to grow and grow.

And the rest they say is history !!